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SAFT ColdHarvest

Airlock loading facility - 2000 m² holding area

SAFT ColdHarvest

Loading ramp - fully cooled

SAFT ColdHarvest

Airlock loading facility - 400 pallet prestaging area

SAFT ColdHarvest

Loading bays - Airlock loading

ColdHarvest New Loading Bays


Adding value through: Cold chain integrity, Productivity & More efficient loading.


The construction of the new loading bays and a holding area facility of 2000m² were completed in 2017.

There are three (3) loading bays with a holding area capacity of 400 pallets mainly used for prestaging.

100% of all containers now loaded at ColdHarvest can be loaded out through airlock loading docks.

A state of the art cooling system, where cold air is directed into the container while loading, is adding further value to cold chain integrity.

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